"Ikhf' id-ursu Khazâd"

''Eyes that fire
and sword have seen
and horror in the halls of stone.''

Ivana | 20~ | Croatia | +

horde-of-mareep asked: Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White

[make me choose]

kiliof-durin asked: Gandalf or Radagast

[make me choose]

that-kid-with-the-seraphblades asked: Legolas or Kili

[make me choose]

lukevanss asked: Gimli or Glóin

[make me choose]

heart-of-erebor asked: Andúril or Orcrist

[make me choose]

twisted-little-princess asked: Rivendell or Hogwarts

[make me choose]

Anon asked: Fili or Kili

[make me choose]

Anon asked: Tauriel and Legolas or Tauriel and Kili (non-romantic)

[make me choose]

watchovertheeye and anon asked: thorin or thranduil

[make me choose]

codenamehexx asked: bofur or bilbo

[make me choose]



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