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Here be Dwarves and all things Tolkien with occasional Sherlock, SPN, GoT and beautiful people

also i may be going thru a Cap2 crisis atm so expect a bit of that

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LotR: The Two Towers

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Supernatural (S9)
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Hannibal (S2)
Game of Thrones (S4)

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Richard Armitage about Thorin & Co. (6/8)

It was one of the things that all the crew and the actors who played the dwarves enjoyed very much because, once this group of characters sets off, so many things happen to it that there’s very little room for laughs. The events which unfold plunge everyone into so many dangerous situations that they have to stay focused and serious. That is why we always try to make the most of those little moments where we can inject a dose of humour. Peter is very good at coming up with this kind of jokes. You notice that straightaway during the scene in which Bilbo meets the dwarves when they arrive at his house in Bag End. It’s very funny. Each character in the group of 13 dwarves is part of a micro-family. Therefore, there are several pairs or trios that work separately, and the interactions between these individuals are very charming. Bombur is particularly funny. He’s the fattest of the dwarves. He has one long red plait all in one piece with a curl that links the left with the right side of his face. He’s hilarious and is actually one of my favourite characters.

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