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tigerlover492: I was reading your tags on a post and i started thinking back to the book. I thought after thorin, kili, and fili died they were buried in the mountain and then the other dwarfs decided not to occupy the mountain anymore because of the curse that lies upon the gold?

uuh no, they stayed. all of them. in the mountain. well, balin, oin and ori left after 50 years or so to moria, but the rest stayed and died there. i think gloin even mentions the well-being of the company to frodo at some point in rivendell. also, the curse didn’t affect them as much as it did thorin so they wouldn’t have had too much trouble living there :)

Anonymous: I would have been okay; you know, I would have been fiiiiiiine. IF IT WASN'T FOR THIS FUCKING SONG. GOSH.

some people, peter jackson, just want to watch the world burn


you know what’s gonna kill me though? not bilbo’s reaction to those dumb dwarves dying, but dwalins! losing his best friend, his king, his captain, the dwarf he’s been following for most of his life, the dwarf he’s sworn he’ll see sit on that throne with that crown resting on his head one day, the dwarf he was prepared to die for. losing his best friend’s nephews, his sons almost, young dwarves barely old enough to fight, young dwarves who he most likely held in his arms at some point. and they’re gone and literally everything’s dwalin ever fought for is gone with them seconds before they finally had it all. and he’ll have to write a letter to dis, explain what happend, he’ll have to find words for this devastating grief inside him knowing whatever he will write, it will break her utterly


I will have war.

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  • kili’s face when thorin chooses war
  • thorin in the treasury (probably) searching for the arkenstone
  • the company watching him and witnessing his descent into madness
  • thorin wearing a crown
  • bilbo in a mithril sHIRT
  • the company singing during the funeral
  • dwalin and balin’s reactions
  • one
  • LAST!!!!!!!!
  • T IME

This is a bitter adventure, if it must end so; and not a mountain of gold can amend it. Yet I am glad that I have shared in your perils - that has been more than any Baggins deserves.

bard being flawless

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I wish the ring had never come to me,

beardedbowman: That GIF set of Thranduil with "we will endure" is amazing:3 really well done

you’re so sweet, thank you very much!!! c:

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